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Mar 4, 2012 5:00am PST
much. we'll talk to you later in the program. >>> mitt romney has added to his winning streak by capturing yesterday's washington state caucuses. he won michigan and arizona earlier last week. this latest win gives him even more momentum heading into super tuesday, two days from now. as you can see romney captured 38% of the stroet, ron paul, 25%, rick santorum, 24% and newt gingrich with 10%. >>> president obama will address the largest jewish-american community, known at apec. he beats with benjamin netanyahu. iran's nuclear ambitions are sure to top the agenda. elise labbot joins me. do we know what the president is going to be saying today? >> reporter: i think in essence, gary, what he is going to be doing is try to allay fears of not just israel but israel's backers. aip apac is powerful looking for a tough message in terms of what are his red lines that he would approve of israel launching a preemptive strike against iran to fend off its nuclear program or perhaps even take part in such a program. as you know, the administration has been working on this sanctions campaign
Mar 11, 2012 8:00am EDT
. that will earn them the republican presidential nomination. here's the current count. mitt romney's campaign won the most delegates this past week. his current count stands at 458 delegates. rick santorum has 203, newt gingrich 118 and ron paul with 66. >>> time to check our forecast. meteorologist alexander steele is in for reynolds wolf today. >> a few things to note in the weather department. one, temperatures today and this week off the charts. i'll tell you which direction they're headed. also a very wet and stormy day around the lot of the country. in the central and southern places. we're going to see potentially some severe weather. i'll show you that. also when i come back, we're going to take you to japan where the tsunami we've been talking about has created a line of trash 2,000 miles long in the central pacific and it is headed toward the u.s. west coast. i'll tell you when it gets there. that's coming up a little bit later. see you soon. >> that is a big pile of garbage you're tracking for us. thank you, alexandra. >>> a youtube video goes viral. being an old message t
Mar 4, 2012 6:00am EST
. >> gruesome. >> now to other stories making news. mitt romney has added to his winning streak by capturing yesterday's caucus. he won michigan and arizona earlier last week. the latest win gives him even more momentum heading into super tuesday, which is only two days away. as you can see, romney captured 38% of the vote. ron paul was second. republican rick santorum, close third. newt gingrich, fourth. >> president obama speaks to the apac conference today. it's the largest jewish lobby in the united states. the president ham come under fire recently for his stance on middle east peace and on iran. we'll have much more on the importance of the president's speech a little later in the program. >>> mass executions in syria. opposition groups saying the syrian military executesed more than 40 soldiers who were trying to detect. meanwhile, the bodies of two journalists killed in a syrian attack arrived in paris overnight. it took more than a week to recover the bodies from inside homs, syria. >>> people are voting across today for president of that country. vladimir putin is expected to win a
Mar 11, 2012 3:00am PDT
as many avotes as mitt romney. he also picked up 33 more delegates along the way. candidates are all now looking to tuesday's primaries and caucuses which could be the make or break day. political reporter shani travis in overland park, kansas, has more for us. >> reporter: senator rick santorum was expected to win the kansas caucuses, and he did that. he will get the lion's share of the 40 delegates at stake here in this contest. the center wasn't here in kansas when the results were announced. he was in missouri. think tai a listen to him talking about his win in this kansas contest. >> we are doing well out here in the midwest. >> can you give us any more thoughts on kansas? >> awesome win. feeling great. >> reporter: the santorum campaign is going one step further. hogan, who is santorum's national communications director said, "this is a great win for the campaign and further evidence that conservatives and tea party loyalists are uniting behind rick as the true consistent conservative in this race." the santorum campaign certainly hopes that's the case as they move ahead. l
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)